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Abode Fabric Softener (Front & Top Loader) Comfort Fresh 1L

RRP: $14.95

No more using toxic commercial fabric softeners, this plant based formula contains no nasty chemicals or artificial fragrances and leaves your clothes, sheets and towels amazingly soft! Also, the essential oil blend including Lavender, patchouli and juniper leaves them smelling beautifully fresh!

Abode’s Fabric Softener is derived from plant and mineral based ingredients it is free from nasty chemicals such as phosphates, zeolites and harsh surfactants such as the sulphates and coco betaines. Biodegradable and grey water safe, the ultra concentrated formulation only requires a small amount making it a great buy for the health conscious buyer.

  • Machine Type: suitable for front and top loaders
  • Water temperature: suitable for hot and cold water

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