Wild Medicine Aqua Hydration Formula AM Male 20ml

RRP: $39.95

HYDRATION is one of the most fundamental factors in wellness that has been, to date, largely overlooked.

Ensuring that your HYDRATION mechanisms are operating with high efficiency, and are supported by the correct intake of fluid, is one of the single most important steps you can take towards improving your wellness. The issue is not how much fluid we intake, but how well the uptake of that fluid occurs.  That’s what taking the Aquas offers.

The Aqua HYDRATION Formulas are designed to promote stamina and wellbeing by supporting cellular HYDRATION in your body. They work by assisting your body’s management of fluids right down to the cellular level. They combine a synergistic combination of Herbal extracts, Homoeopathics, Flower Essences and other ingredients in safe, simple drops. One formula is taken on rising and the other on retiring to cater for the differences in waking and sleeping metabolism.

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