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Boost Your Energy by Dr Sandra Cabot

Do you suffer from:
  • Hormonal imbalance and deficiencies
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Mental fatigue
  • An overloaded immune system
  • Poorly functioning cells
  • Mood disorders and stress
  • Menopausal problems
  • Adrenal gland exhaustion
  • Deficiencies of nutrients vital to the immune system
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Rapid ageing
or simply slowing down and don't know why? Don't accept these things as a normal part of life! Many people are tired because of the energy factories inside their cells, known as mitochondria, are not producing sufficient energy. Find out how to recharge these energy factories with the exciting new technique of fine-tuning your cells with natural anti-ageing hormones and nutritional supplements. You can have more energy than you ever thought possible. Natural hormones, now available as lozenges and cream can help your cells to function like younger cells, restoring sexual performance and well-being. Every post-war baby boomer, and over sixty, will find this information invaluable.

Cancer Survival Strategies: A holistic Approach by Dr Sandra Cabot

Cancer is the most complex and unpredictable disease that afflicts humanity. In this groundbreaking book, Dr Sandra Cabot shows you how to harness your natural energy to improve your chances of cancer survival. Discover a survival plan which strengthens your body's innate defence and fighting mechanisms. Learn how to:
  • Make better treatment decisions and be more confident with your own research.
  • Reduce damage from chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Repair and detoxify your cells.
  • Improve your immune system.
  • Extend your life span.
Dr Sandra Cabot's book uses and integrative approach, incorporating well-researched strategies from traditional medicine, nutritional medicine and cutting-edge technologies. This book will give you hope and is based on clinical experience and scientific references that you can check for yourself. We hope it motivates and inspires you to be a fighter for your health.

Charcoal Remedies by John Dinsley

This is a complete handbook of medicinal charcoal & its applications. Covers history, science, and practical applications of medicinal charcoal in hospitals and homes, for people and for pets. Learn when and how to give activated charcoal internally, and when and how to apply it externally for a broad range of health conditions. From the dawn of civilization, man has had an intimate relationship with charcoal. As an indispensable tool of technology and as a medicinal compound, charcoal is used in numerous ways to make our lives more healthy. It purifies the water we drink, the air we breathe, and detoxifies the soil we grow our food in. As a medicinal compound, charcoal is used in virtually every hospital in the world on a daily basis as it plays an increasingly significant role in maintaining, restoring and enhancing our level of health. From drug and food poisoning, to kidney dialysis machines, to wound dressings, to anemia of cancer, and much more, modern hospitals depend on the many uses of this most simple of remedies. These same benefits are also available to you.

Cholesterol: The Real Truth by Dr Sandra Cabot & Margaret Jasinska

Cholesterol is a topic that generates a great deal of interest and also a great deal of controversy. Most of us become concerned about our cholesterol level as we reach middle age, and rightly so since we are told high levels of cholesterol are a major risk factor for heart disease. Cardiovascular disease is the primary cause of death and disability in Australia.

Clean Food Clear Thinking by Karina Francois

Naturopath Karina Francois will show you how to achieve optimum health to give you the vitality, peace, happiness and freedom you desire and deserve to achieve an extraordinary lifestyle. Master your body and mind to an amazing future. You'll learn: 1. How to gain clarity about which foods are vital to help create a clean healthy body. 2. What your body cells really need based on your physiology. 3. The truth about proteins, carbohydrates, fats and the important role that they play in your nutrition. 4. That you never have to go on a diet again or get caught up in the trends of yo-yo dieting. 5. How to regain your healthy weight with easy to follow clean recipes that all your family will really enjoy. 6. The truth about addictions, overeating, undereating, cravings and how to overcome these to put an end to emotional eating. 7. How to achieve and maintain ultimate health and wellbeing through simple easy lifestyle practices

Clinical Naturopathic Medicine by Leah Hechtman 2E

Written by Leah Hechtman, Clinical Naturopathic Medicine is a foundation clinical text integrating the holistic traditional principles of naturopathic philosophy with the scientific rigour of evidence-based medicine (EBM) to support contemporary practices and principles. The text addresses all systems of the body and their related common conditions, with clear, accessible directions outlining how a practitioner can understand health from a naturopathic medicine perspective and apply naturopathic medicines to treat patients individually. These treatments include herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and lifestyle recommendations. All chapters are structured by system and then by condition, so readers are easily able to navigate the content by chapter and heading structure.

Coconut Cracked Open by Christine Schang

Coconut Oil and Water is taking the world by storm! Coconut Cracked Open has all the information about the amazing health benefits and wonderful properties of coconut, especially its oil and water products. The chapters contain information on the coconut: together with a short history; Coconut - benefits and properties; A healthy coconut diet regime; Reducing your toxic load; Coconut by-products together with recipes.

Complete Health Overhaul by Doreen Schwegler

Confused about what the best diet is to follow or whether you should take supplements? Interested in the concept of personalised health care rather than the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach? Want to reduce your risk of diseases than run in your family and maximise your current health? Does ageing well and preventative healthcare appeal to you? Doreen Schwegler is both a naturopath with over 24 years experience and medical scientist. She brings together the latest information about thorough testing including genetic profiling, information on detoxification, advice on diet, exercise, sleep, supplements, emotional wellbeing and healthy sex. Her years of experience, reading and research helps to clarify what can be a plethora of sometime conflicting advice about what is best for you, to  assist with truly personalised healthcare. Whether you are a health practitioner interested in expanding your knowledge, a student seeking practical information, a person wanting to lose weight or trying to conceive, or someone striving to do their best to stay well, this book is for you! It seeks to clarify and simplify information to assist you in making informed decisions about what can help your current health concerns and prevent future ones.

Cooking With Quinoa The Supergrain by Rena Patten

Quinoa - pronounced keen-wah - is a grain, but not just any grain. It is considered to be almost a complete food. It is very high in protein, full of vitamins, gluten- and wheat-free, cholesterol-free and usually organic. And it is simply delicious. An ancient plant native to the Andes mountains, quinoa is known to have been a staple food of the Incas. Quinoa contains more protein than any other grain. It is also a very good source of manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, copper, zinc, vitamins E and B6, riboflavin, niacin and thiamine. It has more calcium than cow's milk, is an excellent antioxidant, is rich in dietary fibre and has more iron than any grain. It also has the highest content of unsaturated fats and a lower ratio of carbohydrates than any other grain plus a low Glycemic Index level. The health benefits are truly enormous. In the kitchen, quinoa has a huge range of uses and lends itself beautifully to many dishes. When cooked, it has a very delicate texture and is lovely in soups and sweets, and makes wonderful salads, pasta, breads and delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. It is simple to prepare, easy to digest and most enjoyable to eat. It is very light on the stomach and you don't tend to feel at all heavy after eating a meal made with quinoa. There should be a packet of quinoa in every pantry. Here, you will find many different ways to use quinoa.

Corona and Other Dangerous Viruses by Dr Sandra Cabot

In this book, integrative medical doctor Dr. Sandra Cabot provides information on the new coronavirus which caused the COVID-19 pandemic. She provides vital facts on how to protect yourself and your family that you will not find in other books. This inside information is critical in this day and age where new viruses, as well as old viruses, will continue to threaten our health. Vaccines and drugs are only part of the solution and this book will teach you how to have a healthy immune system, give you clarity and improve your confidence to survive in good health.

Dangerous Beauty: Cosmetics & Personal Care by Peter Dingle

This book will change the way you look at cosmetics and personal care products for the better. Based on 10 years of research and over 1000 scientific references it puts the truth about cosmetics and personal care products at your fingertips. Since its first publication as a 60 page pamphlet 20 years ago, science has shown an even clearer link between the toxic chemicals hidden in these products and chronic illness, especially breast cancer. While there may be only small amounts of these chemicals added to these products, we now know they are applied many times each day and directly to our skin. Other chronic health conditions linked with these products include skin conditions, asthma and allergies, weight gain, diabetes and metabolic syndrome and other cancers such as skin and prostate cancers. Many of the toxic chemicals added to these products are quickly and efficiently absorbed through the skin and blood, and can play havoc with your hormones leading to an increase in hormone relate cancers, thyroid dysfunction and reproductive difficulties in both males and females. By reading this book you will learn not just about the health problems associated with these products but which chemicals and products you can avoid and what to look for in a safer product. Making safer choices can go along way to improving your health. There is now just too much science to ignore it.