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Helio Supply Co Neti Pot (ceramic glaze may vary)

Neti pots are small ceramic vessels with a slender spout used for nasal irrigation. These Neti pots are hand made in Australia and there can be a slight variation in size.  They may come in a variety of colours and ceramic glazes. Neti pots originated in India in the traditional medical practice of Ayurveda. The Neti pot is used to introduce a weak saline solution into the nasal cavities. The process of nasal irrigation may act to dislodge infection, draw out the congestion, and strengthen the area.

Helio Supply Co Straight Stainless Steel Probe 15cm (for ear or body points)

Probe for locating and treating ear or body points. 15cm long octagonal shaped handle with a 0.3cm diameter ball-shaped tip for inducing sensation and applying pressure to treatment points. Made of stainless steel. Straight tip.