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Minimal Essentials Bath Salts De-Stress Blend with Rose Geranium 500g

You deserve a good ol' soak, my friend. Run that bath, lie back and soak. These salts are packed with wonderful natural additives, like magnesium, to relieve muscle tension. Ease yourself in and soak up the relaxation you have earned.

Minimal Essentials Body Oil (Natural Moisturiser) 50ml

You deserve to be spoiled! Scrap the nasty chemicals and use this natural body oil. It's packed with nourishing extracts and is scented with light essential oils to soothe and renew your skin

Minimal Essentials Body Scrub Euphoria Blend with Murray River Salt 300g

  • This smells sooooooooo nice I'm tellin' ya! Scrub a dub-dub with this natural scrub made with Australia Murray River salts from ancient aquifers.
  • The oils will stay on your skin long after you've washed!

Minimal Essentials Carpet Detox Lemongrass Fresh 400g

Deep clean your carpets with this carpet detox that combats musty odours with pure essential oils of orange, rose geranium, and lemongrass!

Minimal Essentials Carpet Detox Mint Magic 400g

Get deep into your carpet fibres with this carpet detox. Made with pure essentials oils of Spearmint, Peppermint, Orange, Lemon and Lavender to naturally deodorise carpets, cars, rugs and pet bedding. Great to combat musty odours and freshen up your home without nasty artificial fragrances.

Minimal Essentials Cologne Unisex 50ml

Spice up your personal scent with this unisex cologne made from natural oils. It's highly concentrated so it will last for a long time. The blend has an earthy, deep timbre, that's perfect for all people.

Minimal Essentials Facial Cleansing Bar (Nourishing & Natural) x 2 Pack (150g net)

  • Holy Schmoly - this stuff is brilliance in a bar.
  • We have formulated this facial bar to cater to a wide variety of skin-types including combination oily and dry skin.
  • Use during your beauty routine to keep your pores cleansed and refreshed.
  • There are two bars per pack so one box should last you for approximately 4 bottles of regular cleanser PLUS it smells absolutely DIVINE.

Minimal Essentials Hair Oil (Replenish and Revive) 50ml

Hair feeling a bit down in the dumps??? This is just the thing. Pop on after a shower to give your hair the extra bit o' shine.nbsp;The ingredients are all natural too

Minimal Essentials Laundry Remedy (Chemical-Free Freshener) Earth Blend 50ml

Chemically-detox your home and get a step closer to plastic-free with this alternative to home-fragrance. Use a light dab of this blend to naturally freshen your washing machine or dryer, add to your bucket before mopping, lightly apply inside a loo roll for bathroom fragrance or simply burn in an oil burner for easy and chemical-free home scent.

Minimal Essentials Shave Bar 75g

Get nice and foamy with this natural shave bar. Use on all your external bodily bits for a lovely close shave that leaves your skin perfectly moisturised. Use with a brush or rub directly on the skin to start the foaming.

Minimal Essentials Universal Cleaning Liquid (Citrus Oils & Eucalyptus) 500ml

We are all about revitalising your home with plastic-free alternatives to daily-use items. This wonderful liquid is a great step toward a chemical-free home! We've put a focus on plant-derived ingredients and naturally antimicrobial citrus in this universal liquid. You can use when mopping, spray directly onto surface and more! It's safe on all surfaces. Utilise in a spray bottle or apply directly to a dry cloth. You can use this cleaner on all surfaces, including glass, marble, linoleum and wood, safely and in all areas of the home.