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Byron Bay Rose Adore Organic Pure Rose Water Bulgarian Rose Blossoms Spray 100ml

Made from Bulgarian rose blossoms that are freshly picked by hand in the early hours of the morning before the dew has had a chance to set, Rose Adore Rose Water is an exquisite thirst quencher for all skin types. Wickedly delicious with its delicate yet high spirited aroma, this purely natural product is filled with nourishment. Skin loving antioxidants help revitalise, restore and protect the skin from signs of ageing. Rose Adore Rose Water may be used to freshen and rehydrate skin that has been compromised from overexposure to drying elements such as heat, sun, wind and air conditioning. Delightfully refreshing and cooling, it is ideal for all the body and makes a perfect rejuvenating travel companion. Rose Adore Rose Water maintains the pH balance of the skin so is beneficial and wonderfully appropriate for all skin types. It will gently soothe sensitive and irritated skin, balance and cleanse oily skin, renew, soften and tone mature skin and replenish, adding radiance, to normal skin.

Byron Bay Rose Adore Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil 30ml

The world’s finest quality Rose Hip seed oil is found in the small landlocked African mountain Kingdom of Lesotho where wild Rose Hip fruits are ripened on the plant before they are harvested and collected for processing. Rehydrating, moisturising and revitalising to dry skin Nourishes and repairs razor damaged skin Reduces the appearance of premature ageing skin, wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines Excellent for dry, mature skin Helps to reduce pigmentation and age spots Aids in reducing redness associated with facial rosacea