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Amenas Sea Minerals Cream 100g

This cream could also be named Daily Boost Cream, as Daily Boost is the active ingredient. The most basic of our creams, sea mineral cream is a must in the garden shed, garage, glove box and is equally at home in the bathroom cabinet. A truly multi purpose cream. Handy for scratches, scrapes, minor rashes, dry skin as well as skin softening benefits. Be aware though, it will sting momentarily if applied to broken skin!  Very high in Magnesium this is a solid style cream that needs very little to do the job. Simply wipe over with a clean finger or spatula and apply sparingly.

Amenas Sea Minerals Daily Boost 250ml

100% Ocean Derived Mineral Liquid. Daily Boost Everyday Health Tonic is made from pure Australian ocean water with most of the salt removed. The resulting liquid is then naturally concentrated to 1% of the original volume. This IONIC mineral liquid is easily absorbed and therefore available for use by the body at a cellular level. Very high in Magnesium, Daily Boost may help to support the immune system and maintain normal nerve and muscle function. Daily Boost contains both macro and trace elements.

Amenas Sea Minerals Hawthorn 250ml

Hawthorn contains 75% sea minerals and 25% Hawthorn Berries &  Carica Papaya. Hawthorn has traditionally been used for conditions of the heart and circulation for many centuries. It is thought to be antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and may be useful for increased blood flow, chest pain, angina, irregular heartbeat, low and high blood pressure, kidney stones, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, indigestion, diarrhoea and anxiety.

Amenas Sea Minerals Nettle 250ml

Stinging Nettle is comprised of 75% Sea Minerals and 25% Stinging Nettle and Stevia. Stinging Nettle is a herb used in traditional medicines, mainly as a diuretic but it has many other benefits. It  has been used as an antispasmodic, expectorant  and treatment  for asthma and hay fever type allergies (rhinitis). Stinging Nettle is high in Iron and is an excellent herb for anaemia and fatigue, especially in women. It has been found to help menopausal symptoms as well as pre-menstrual symptoms & may help eliminate uric acid making it suitable for sufferers of gout. Although not recommended during pregnancy stinging nettle is said to help in milk production for lactating women.

Amenas Sea Minerals Targeted Care Cream 100g

Targeted Care Cream could also be called "Ultra Boost Cream" as Ultra Boost is its main active ingredient. A fairly solid cream, only a small amount should be used on difficult skin problems. No need to dig out a blob of cream, simply wipe the surface and apply to the skin. Can be put on the pad of a band aid and applied that way too. As Targeted Care Cream is very high in Sea Mineral content, it will momentarily sting if applied to broken skin.

Amenas Sea Minerals Ultra Boost 250ml

Ultra Boost is 75% Daily Boost and 25% specially selected herbs. Naturally balanced ocean minerals combined with a special selection of beneficial herbs to help your body help itself. Improving your immune system is one of the best ways to fight disease. This formula is high in antioxidants, macro and trace minerals. Benefits may include: antiviral, antibacterial, free radical scavenger, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting and much more.

Amenas Sea Minerals Ultra Hydrating Night Cream 100g

A lovely soft and glossy night cream to nourish skin while you  sleep. This cream has high emollient properties to moisturise without leaving your skin feeling oily. This cream was formulated as an alternative to Targeted Care Cream without the petrolatum content. A different method is used to make this cream resulting in a soft, highly spreadable, lighter skin feel product. A highly effective dual purpose skin cream to tackle difficult skin problems and nourish at the same time.