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Silicea Body Essentials Iron VITAL F+ (15mg Iron) Sachets 15ml x 30 Pack

Iron VITAL F+ liquid is a high strength, bioavailable iron that contains a huge 15mg of iron per sachet, with added energy-boosting B Group vitamins and Vitamin C. It is gentle on the stomach and has a great taste thanks to herbal extracts and natural fruit concentrates (cherry, beetroot, apple). It is liquid iron sachet that can be enjoyed directly from the sachet by tearing off the top with no need for mixing or refrigeration. And lastly, it has No added Preservatives!

Silicea Body Essentials Iron VITAL M+ (15mg Iron) Chewable 30t

Iron tablets are traditionally notoriously bad tasting due to the many problems of masking the taste of iron. For this reason, Iron Vital M+ chewable tablets were developed over several years of research in our laboratories in Germany until the perfect formula/combination was established. A great tasting Iron chewable tablet thanks to the addition of the natural fruit flavour taste of raspberry, blackcurrant and beetroot. Iron Vital M+ is suitable for men, women, pregnant women, nursing mothers, athletes, senior citizens and children over the age of 4 years.