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Altitude Setup

In high-altitude environments, you draw in less oxygen per breath than you would at lower altitudes. That means each breath will deliver less oxygen to your muscles.

Colonic Irrigation

A colonic is designed to detox your body of nasties.  Once the bowel is clean, some people speculate that the bloodstream, and the rest of the body may be cleaner. There is nothing contra indicated after the procedure, and while we encourage people to eat healthy food high in vegetables, low sugar fruits,  grains, nuts and seeds, there is no special diet required. After the procedure, people may leave as soon as it’s finished.  In a minority of cases some residual water may be in the colon after the treatment.

Cyro Therapy

Cryo means cold.  It’s sometimes called cold treatment, cold therapy.  Some people call it the new technology ice bath.  People use the cryogenic nitrogen saunas as therapy for muscle recovery, believing the muscular recovery it offers may be superior to cold water only.

Floating Pod

Floating tanks are sometimes called floating pods, float tank, float pods. Salt tanks, salt baths, or epsoms salt baths are tanks of minerals equipped with enough mineral or salt density to make people float. Sometimes the pods are modified for sensory deprivation, or isolation and sometimes they are not. Our tanks are equipped to being relaxing including having a variety of minerals for a diversity of experience. You may choose to float with the lights on or off, and if people feel claustrophobic the experience can be modified to make you feel relaxed. Water is always cleaner when moving so we leave the water moving like a spa, like a floating spa, but you may choose to keep the water still or stagnant for a sound free environment.   Many years ago people would sleep in floating tanks, like a sleep deprivation tank, but this is not something we currently offer.  Magnesium can be in the form of a salt or mineral.  Think of it as being a lab for relaxation. When floating in a sensory deprivation floating tank many people report to us feeling a relief from the stresses of the world.  Having full immersion in Magnesium Sulphate (Epsoms Salts) is not only relaxing, it offers a 360 degree opportunity to temporarily escape the world and the stresses of life.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is formally called photobiomodulation intervention or therapy.  Some times it’s called low level light, or as a “cold laser”.  It’s also been called bio stimulation. Not all light is created equal.  Sunlight has been controversial over the years.  Some natural therapists love it, but we’re also aware of the danger of excess exposure.  We understand the dangers of UV (Ultraviolet) light, but technology has allowed us to expose people to certain frequency light. Unlike infrared like which is “inferior”to red light, or lower than the human eye can see.  Red light is a frequency of light the human eye can see. People have speculated these frequency of lights may have an array of benefits. Popular with athletes, models, sports people, and lay people alike.  Come in and give it a try now!

Salt Room

A salt room, sometimes called halo (meaning salt), salt cave, salt spa, dry salt, salt air, or simply himalyan salt room is exactly that, a room full of salt for you to breathe in.Airways are some of the most critical things to keep open, and de inflamed. Many people associate salt with anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti viral, and fungal properties. Simply put, it is a very relaxing environment with extremely fine particles of salt being blown into the room. Air quality is not sound in the world today, with pollution and other factors affecting people’s ability to breathe. More and more we’re seeing asthma, copd, pulmonary disorders and other breathing challenges. Some parents in conjunction with their medical doctor, or health care practitioner’s guidance believe that the salt may help their children, parents or loved ones.