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Solagran Bioeffective Gel 40g

Bioeffective® A, (active ingredient in Bioeffective® Gel) was the first member of the Bioeffectives® family to be developed. It is obtained through Solagran’s unique patented process for the extraction of the “live elements” within conifer green needles. Sourced from pristine Russian conifer forests, it contains a multitude of vital synergistic components provided by nature that may aid a healthy vibrant life. Bioeffective® A is a biologically active product obtained through a specific hydrocarbon extraction of the green needles and twigs of Pinus sylvestris and Picea abies (L) Karst.  Its Australian Approved Name (AAN) is “Conifer Green Needle Complex”, CGNC. During Second World War when Leningrad was under siege for 900 days, the precursor to this substance (CCCP) was used extensively in hospitals for the topical treatment of wounds, burns and frostbite. Its unique properties played a pivotal role in saving many thousands of lives. Since then its healing and skin regeneration attributes have been used in hospitals throughout Russia. With a successful wound care history dating back over 80 years CGNC has now been combined with aloe vera, natural vitamin E and olive leaf extract to form Bioeffective® Gel. It is a premium quality therapeutic formulation.