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Clover Fields Bamboo Fibre Sponge

Need to sponge up? This is the thing for you! It's a great plastic-free alternative to the bath sponges out there, plus - it's UNBELIEVABLY soft. You'll want to shower forever.

Clover Fields Bamboo Soap Dish

Helps soap bars last longer Keeps bar soap dry Easy to drain Clover Fields’ sustainable soap dish is made from bamboo to drain your bath soaps easily and prolong their life. This bathroom soap holder is an essential addition to any household that’s making the move to bar soaps from liquid soaps. Why we love Clover Fields Bathroom & Shower Soap Holder: Keeps counters clean Keeps solid bars dry Plastic free

Clover Fields Coconut and Cacao Soap 150g x 16 Display

Two powerhouse antioxidants for fabulously healthy & vital skin.

Clover Fields Dish Sponge Cellulose and Coconut

This coconut dish pad can be used like a regular dish pad/sponge to clean dishes or scrub surfaces. The natural fibres will soften once wet, but like all natural fibres they can be prone to mould if left damp/moist, so please ensure you allow them to dry between uses and it will last you approx 4-6weeks. Cellulose Sponge with dark brown colour, coconut Scourer on top. These are biodegradable which lessens your environmental footprint. Please dispose of it thoughtfully as per your local council's guidelines.

Clover Fields Dish Sponge Cellulose and Sisai

Fully compostable Made from plant based materials No bleaches or dyes This all natural loofah eco dish sponge is completely plant based and fully compostable. The loofah is made from yellow cellulose and tan sisal. These biodegradable sponges are an eco friendly alternative to plastic sponges and can be sterilised in boiling water, and will even go in your dishwasher. When you're done, they can be thrown in your home compost heap. Why we love Clover Fields Cellulose Dish Pad with Sisal Scourer: Perfect for wiping, washing, and cleaning 100% biodegradable 100% compostable 100% plant based Materials: cellulose and sisal

Clover Fields Jute Back Scrubber

Environmentally friendly natural Jute woven fibre Back Scrubber with easy hold hand straps. 61 x 12 x 1cm

Clover Fields Jute Soap Bag

Suitable for soap bars, shampoo bars and work really well with dishwashing blocks! This is a great storage solution for your bars, plus it will add some extra exfoliation to your routine. Just scrub away and hang it up when you're done! Easy. Plus it's made from an eco-friendly jute.

Clover Fields Lavender with German Chamomile Coconut Oil Coconut-Base Soap 150g x 16 Display

Calming Lavender with soothing Chamomile. A bar for everyone to enjoy. When applied to the skin, this Brazilian purple clay enables positively charged impurities to be bound to the clay's negative charge, releasing impurities. It's osmotic strength draws up moisture to hydrate the skin and create a detoxifying effect.

Clover Fields Manuka Honey and Almond Soap 150g x 16 Display

Rich in EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) Rosehip helps repair and regenerate skin.

Clover Fields Matcha with Mint and Macadamia Coconut Oil Coconut-Base Soap 150g x 16 Display

Matcha is a powerful concentrate of Green Tea which is extremely high in antioxidants to cleanse and detoxify. With added soothing and skin calming mint essential oils and Australian Macadamia Oil to make this bar cooling and cleansing. Smells good enough to eat!

Clover Fields Natural Loofah

Natural loofah for exfoliating and invigorating your skin. 8 x 8 x 10cm