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Enterosgel Tube 225g

Enterosgel® is an oral intestinal adsorbent (enterosorbent). It is based on organic minerals with adsorption capacity towards some toxic and harmful substances in the gut (e.g. endotoxins, enterotoxins), physically binding them to its surface, reducing stool frequency and duration of diarrhoea.

Enterosgel Tube 90g

  • oral intestinal adsorbent gel
  • organic mineral polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate
  • adsorb toxins from pathogenic bacteria
  • free from preservatives, sugar, gluten
  • drug-free treatment

Entersogel 15g Sachet x 10 Pack

Enterosgel is an innovative intestinal adsorbent (enterosorbent), developed for binding toxins, viruses, allergens, pathogens and other harmful substances in the gastrointestinal tract and removing them from the body. Enterosgel is hydrophobic and does not remove water or vitamins. It is completely excreted within 12-24 hours.